Thinking about growing your business? We have the expertise to help. Working with you and your existing advisory team, we can help you develop your goals and strategy, along with the financial models and risk analysis to give your plans the strongest platform for success.

When it comes to presentation, we know what banks want. We’ll package your strategy to ensure your proposition is easily understood so both you and your bank have confidence in your proposal. We’ll stay with you along the way, monitoring progress and giving the bank all the reporting they need.


Confidence comes from knowing exactly how your business is going to perform – whatever the weather and economic climate. With a Financial Review you can drill into every aspect of your business to understand the past and confidently predict future performance.

Your report includes a detailed review of historical performance, analysis of current forecasts and strategies, insight into key profit drivers, and advice on maximising performance and minimising risk. The report can be shared with your bank, ensuring total alignment of your strategy and expectations.


At NZAB we are all bankers, we just don’t work for a bank anymore. We have first-hand knowledge of the key drivers of risk, interest rates and banks terms, and use this insight to your advantage.

We work with all the main banks and understand all the pricing and metrics. Businesses and banks change. We are with you for the long haul. We can work with you and your bank to ensure your banking package is right for your business and find ways to improve your credit rating. You’ll have a tangible target to work towards, with agreed outcomes.


We are experts at monitoring financial performance. We use tools like Farm Focus, Figured and Xero as the basis of our financial reporting. Reporting can be customised to the needs of you and your bank, and to produce meaningful insights into business performance. Getting this part right is one of the best things you can do to maximise performance and bank confidence. Our reporting dashboards are market leading.


Farming can be tough and the last few years are no exception – especially in the dairy sector. You may have reached a point where you don’t know which steps to take next. In these situations, it’s vital to preserve the hard-earned equity in the business – equity you’ve worked most of your life for. An Independent Credit Assessment is a powerful tool to help you and your bank map a way forward. It can be combined with our ongoing monitoring package to keep everyone on track.

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